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Growth Management & Planning

Growth Management & Planning

Concurrency Service Areas

In order to implement a concurrency program, a geographic area must be defined that will "serve" new development. In Hillsborough County, individual school attendance zones will be used to assess the impacts of new developments. Any new development being proposed (at the subdivision and/or site plan stage) would need to be evaluated to determine if the three school levels (elementary, middle and high) that provide service to the subject site have adequate capacity to serve the new development. New school facilities programmed within the first three years of the School Board’s adopted 5-year Work Plan are also considered to be "in place" for the purpose of evaluating school capacity.

School concurrency REQUIRES that if capacity is NOT available in any one of those areas, the contiguous service area must be reviewed for capacity. If capacity exists in the contiguous area, it is considered to have capacity for the project's impact. The statute states that the "impact of the new development must be shifted to the contiguous service area". In Hillsborough County, a policy limits the "shifting" of the impact to contiguous service areas if that service area is already at or exceeds 95% of its capacity as defined.

Please visit the school concurrency locator to determine the current attendance boundary.

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