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Growth Management & Planning

Growth Management & Planning


School concurrency is not determined until a project reaches the point of a preliminary plat or multi-family site plan or later in the development review process. In the case of rezoning and/or Comprehensive Plan Amendment applications, information related to existing and future school capacity will be provided by the School District, but those are comments only and do not constitute a finding of adequate school capacity or concurrency.

This section of the web page provides a variety of tools to assist interested parties in assessing the adequacy of school capacity to serve new development. The capacity information IS NOT to be used for the purpose of student assignments either through traditional neighborhood assignment or through the District's Choice Program. The capacity numbers are for concurrency purposes only.

The tools contained on these pages are not intended to replace a formal review for school concurrency but can provide the user with some basic information to assist them. To determine the attendance area schools (concurrency service areas) for a particular address click below:

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