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Growth Management


Attendance Boundary Changes: Proposed and Recently Changed
Attendance boundary changes affecting public schools in Hillsborough County, FL
Concurrency Service Areas
In order to implement a concurrency program, a geographic area must be defined that will "serve" new development. In Hillsborough County, individual school attendance zones will be used to assess the impacts of new developments.
High School Attendance Boundary Realignment Maps
Property Dedications Criteria List
School Concurrency
In 2005, the Florida Legislature passed legislation that requires adequate school facilities to be in place within three years of construction of new homes. This concept is called “concurrency” and has been in place in the County since 1990 for roads, parks, sewer, water, storm water and solid waste facilities. Schools will now become part of that program.
School Concurrency Tools
School concurrency is not determined until a project reaches the point of a preliminary plat or multi-family site plan or later in the development review process. In the case of rezoning and/or Comprehensive Plan Amendment applications, information related to existing and future school capacity will be provided by the School District, but those are comments only and do not constitute a finding of adequate school capacity or concurrency.
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