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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

The Path to School Leadership

We all win when our principals and teachers are empowered and provided with the right support. And we all benefit when our students are better prepared for college or a career. With these goals in mind, Hillsborough County Public Schools is transforming the way we identify and train our aspiring leaders, through the Hillsborough Principal Pipeline.

The path to school leadership on the Hillsborough Principal Pipeline

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We are investing in the future by investing in school leaders. Our principals and assistant principals have a broad impact on our schools, our students and our community. By investing in our principals, we are investing in our children and our community. Strong leaders form the foundation of our schools and ultimately impact the success of both our teachers and our students.

Through the Hillsborough Principal Pipeline, current and future school leaders gain valuable skills to help them lead a school to success. They also develop new perspectives and become part of a close-knit network that they can tap into throughout their career.

Preparing for the Role of School Leader in Today’s Schools
Being a leader in today’s schools is very different than even a few years ago. Going through the Pipeline, participants get an inside look at what it means to be a school leader today. They walk away with a greater understanding of the role and impact of school leadership and how crucial it is for a school to have strong leaders at the helm.

Pipeline participants engage in professional development courses that include both leadership and technical training aligned with state leadership standards and District leadership competencies. The program prepares current and future school leaders to effectively serve as instructional leaders, managers of human capital and organizational/systems leaders.

Real-World Experience & Preparation
The Hillsborough Principal Pipeline offers the unique and valuable opportunity for teachers to experience and prepare for a school leadership position by helping them gain the skills, experience and confidence that are crucial to becoming a high-performing leader. Pursuing school leadership provides the opportunity to make a direct impact on school culture and positively influence instructional quality, which will result in improved outcomes and higher long-term success rates for students in Hillsborough County.

Future Leaders Academy (FLA)

The Future Leaders Academy (FLA) is the first step in the journey to become a principal in Hillsborough County Public Schools. This sixmonth program is designed to prepare teachers to be successful Assistant Principals by arming them with educational leadership coursework, and real-world experience and training.

FLA Information

FLA Information Rubric

“From my participation in FLA, I have gained confidence in my potential as a District leader. The experiences and relationships I have gained through the trainings have given me a strong foundation for leadership development. As I have reflected on my experience, I found that when I began the FLA program, I aspired to be an administrator. At its completion, I found that I am now truly inspired to be an administrative leader.”

Theresa Seits
Assistant Principal, Palm River Elementary School

“I think that the most valuable aspect that I’ve learned from FLA has been the importance of building relationships across all levels. It’s so important to develop a relationship with not only the teachers, but also with your administrators, the parents, bus drivers, the people in the community– and really make the effort to build a rapport with those people.”

Nichelle Glenn
Technology Education Teacher, Young Middle School

Assistant Principal Induction Program (APIP)

After completing the Future Leaders Academy, which is the first step in HPP, candidates are eligible to become an Assistant Principal. Upon appointment as an Assistant Principal, participants immediately enter the one-year Assistant Principal Induction Program (APIP). The APIP involves job-embedded, real-world learning activities and places a heavy emphasis on collaboration with a highly-trained Assistant Principal mentor who has proven experience and success as an Assistant Principal.

APIP Information

APIP Information Rubric

“The coursework offered through the Assistant Principal Induction Program has been crucial to my success as an assistant principal. The program design offers the perfect balance of foundational training to support immediate practice along with philosophical coursework to inspire long-term growth and reflection. These courses, led by dynamic leaders in our own District, offer professional development that is rich in content and tailored to the specific needs of a first-year AP. The courses also reflect our District’s commitment to increasing student achievement and have provided me with specific strategies to stay focused on improving my role as an instructional leader. It is truly an exceptional program!”

Sarah Garcia
Principal, Lanier Elementary School

Preparing New Principals (PNP)

After completing the Future Leaders Academy and the Assistant Principal Induction Program, aspiring leaders are eligible to apply for the Preparing New Principals (PNP) program. Over the course of one year, Assistant Principals are prepared and trained on how to create positive school culture and working conditions for teachers, as well as how to positively impact teacher and student performance.

PNP Information

PNP Information Rubric

“The Preparing New Principals program helped prepare me for my role as a school principal by providing me with scenarios that I would not be faced with in my position of assistant principal. There were multiple sessions with current principals who provided personal testimonials, networking and assistance. It also allowed me to self-reflect and become aware of best practices that would empower me to be as effective as possible when granted the opportunity to lead at the next level.”

Danté D. Jones
Principal, Mann Middle School

Principal Induction Program (PIP)

After completing the Future Leaders Academy, the Assistant Principal Induction Program, and after entering the Preparing New Principals program, candidates are eligible to become a Principal. Upon appointment as a Principal, participants immediately enter the one-year Principal Induction Program (PIP). The Principal Induction Program involves job-embedded, real-world learning activities.

PIP Information

PIP Information Rubric

“Each session was tailored to my needs, and I left each time with strategies to impact my practice the next day. It also provided colleagues I could confide in and trust to give me honest feedback based on my own reflections.”

Anthony Jones
Principal, Sligh Middle School

Leadership Training and Support

A Supportive Environment
From the beginning of the Pipeline, with the Future Leaders Academy, or at any point in between, strong and long lasting relationships are built with current and future leaders, all of whom will become part of a support network that includes mentors, coaches and fellow participants.

SAM is a professional development process using a unique set of tools to change a principal’s focus from school management tasks to instructional leadership—activities directly connected to improving teaching and learning.

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