The Florida Department of Education has ordered all schools in Florida to be closed through May 1st due to concerns about coronavirus. More information is available on our Coronavirus Information page.

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Middle School Education

Middle School Education


The Hillsborough County School Board has eliminated most school fees but has retained charges for certain rental items and for personal property, which includes all items that become the property of the student upon receipt of payment. The School Board of Hillsborough County has approved the following rentals or charges:

  • Middle School Band/Orchestra Uniform - $25.00 (plus $1 .75 sales tax)
  • Middle School Instrument - $40.00 (plus $2 .80 sales tax)
  • Physical Education Uniform - Bid Price + 10%
  • Media Fines - $ .05 each, per day, per item

Students who withdraw from school shall be refunded a portion of the fees paid upon application to the bookkeeper. When locks and lockers are issued, there is a charge of $5.00. Only when lockers are not available may a student “double” with a friend. When locks are returned, $2.00 shall be refunded. For lockers with built-in locks, there will be a charge of $2.00 with no refund. Only school locks are permitted.

Annual Courses Semester Courses
Withdrawal Date Refund Withdrawal Date Refund
During 1st Grading Period 3/4 of fees paid During 1st Grading Period 1/2 of fees paid
During 2nd Grading Period 1/2 of fees paid During 2nd Grading Period No Refund
During 3rd Grading Period 1/4 of fees paid
During 4th Grading Period No Refund

HCPS Policy 6152

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