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Partnership Engagement & Philanthropy

Partnership Engagement & Philanthropy

Peachjar Guidelines for Community/Outside Agencies

Thank you for your interest in applying for flyer distribution within Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS).

Please allow 5 business days for review and processing of your request. Flyers that are sent which are incomplete, need additional approvals and or denied for resubmission may take up to 7 days to process. Please read these guidelines carefully, as extensions and errors in your submitted information will delay review.

Flyer Distribution Policy:

Hillsborough County Public Schools reserves the right to deny requests to distribute information if determined to be inappropriate or to be inconsistent with the education objectives of the district or with the guidelines set forth in district policy.

District Policy:

Distribution is prohibited for materials that:

  1. are grossly prejudicial to an ethnic, religious, racial, or other delineated group.
  2. libel any specific person or persons
  3. advocate or advertise the use of availability of any substance or material which could constitute a direct and substantial danger to the health of students
  4. are obscene or contain obscenity or material otherwise deemed to be harmful to the students who may receive them
  5. incite, urge, or advocate violence, the use of force, or violation of law or school regulations; or
  6. contain any material or treat any subject which is not appropriate for the school in which they are to be distributed.

The School Board of Hillsborough County, Bylaws & Policies, 9700 –Relations with Special Interest Groups (F.S. 1013.10)

HCPS allows for electronic distribution/posting of flyers on behalf of organizations as a courtesy to the community. HCPS will not review or approve any flyers which are outside of the Hillsborough County Public School District. District policy allows for the following types of distribution at school sites:

eflyer (Electronic Flyer) Distribution via Peachjar and Community Resource Notebook

Peachjar is an electronic flyer (eflyer) management system which charges a fee for use. Typically organizations will find it to be much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school. For more information on fee structures, and credit incentives call 858-997-2117 and when the auto attendant answers press 1  to go directly to the team that assists community organizations.

Using Peachjar to communicate with families:

More information on how Peachjar works:

  1. Register for an account on
  2. Contact Peachjar at 858-997-2117 for pricing information
  3. Upload eflyer for District review via (only PDF format will be accepted)
  4. Once eflyer is uploaded, it will appear at the District office for review.
  5. If approved your eflyer will generate via Peachjar to schools chosen.

HCPS will only authorize flyers to post that contain the following information:

  • Name, Date, Location (include address) of activity or event
  • Contact Information, including phone number/website link, etc.
  • What to expect (list what is expected participation from student/families)
  • How Long will the activity or event last (give clear details for families to make decisions)
  • The word “Free” should be stated prominently on flyer

To review your flyer, it must contain the bulleted information listed above or it will be sent back to applicant and denied via the Peachjar system.

Disclaimer: (will be pre-populated onto your flyers). Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS)

Disclaimer: HCPS does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, timeline, service contracted/received or any monetary collection of any information provided as a result of information obtained from flyers. Flyers listed on school websites and emailed via Peachjar are provided as a community service and do not imply endorsement by HCPS.

Posting and Distributing

  1. Posting: (if approved) eflyer is posted to selected school(s) webpages.
  2. Distributing: (if approved) once eflyer is posted to selected schools it will also begin distributing to captured family emails directly to their inbox.

Peachjar allows you the choice of Posting only or both Posting and Distributing. Posting Only eflyers to selected schools websites and not distributing will serve as the electronic version of the Community Resource Notebook

The following will be eligible for Posting only:

  • Open House advertising
  • Business Promotional Event
  • Advertising an event or service with a cost
  • Advertising private Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer camps
  • After-School Care providers / Activities
  • Private Transportation Services
  • Private Tutoring lessons
  • Private or Community Fundraiser's outside of school

Discounts for Teachers/School Employees are not eligible for Peachjar or delivery to school sites, please email: Raymond Padgett for review of your information to share “internally”.

Posting & Distributing – Includes Posting eflyers to websites and distributing emails to family emails captured at school sites chosen.

The following will be eligible for Posting and Distributing only:

  • Sports/Recreational Organizations associated with a city/county parks and recreation center
  • Organizations offering a Free Community Event

All flyers involved with a Parks and Rec Center need proof/and or approval from the Parks and Rec Center prior to applying for distribution.

Parks & Rec Contacts:

  • City of Tampa (813) 274-4418
  • Hillsborough County (813) 744-5394
  • Plant City (813) 659-4255
  • Temple Terrace (813) 506-661

All Flyers involved with a School Site need proof of approval with a copy and or email from the school stating you have a facilities usage agreement that is active.

Selecting Schools:

You can send your eflyer to as little as one school up to the entire district. There are selction buttons for all elementary, middle and high schools as well.

If approved your eflyer will:

  1. Post to selected school webpages (Community Resource Notebook only)
  2. Distribute electronically via email to all families captured at selected schools

Community Resource Notebook

Our School District will continue to allow a copy of 1 flyer to be printed and available in the Community Resource Notebook in the school office for families that may not have Internet service.

If you need clarification or assistance at any time, please contact Raymond Padgett at 813-272-4048 or Raymond Padgett

Reminder: All applicants understand that when using Peachjar, Hillsborough County Public Schools will not be held liable for any discrepancies, monetary obligation if not approved and errors due to technical services using the Peachjar eflyer system.

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