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Private Schools

Private Schools


Program Contact Phone Email
Carl Perkins Grant Christopher Jargo (813) 231-1931
Director of Athletics Lanness Robinson (813) 273-7536
Exceptional Student Education Parentally Placed
Private School Students
Sandra Marra (813) 273-7019
FDOE Private School Ombudsman Nicolle Tanner (850) 245-9617
Federal Property Mark Cavenaugh (813) 273-7219
Individuals with Disabilities Education (IDEA) Kimberly Workman (813) 273-7287
Literacy and Acculturation Center Immigrant Grant Lesleigh Lopez (813) 873-4779
Teacher Certification Points Erin Barnhart (813) 272-4323
Title I, Part A Rose Marie Bell (813) 272-4528
Title I, Part A, Catapult Learning Amber Myers (813) 264-1478
Title I, Part C, Migrant Carol Mayo (813) 757-9331
Title II, Professional Development Jamalya Jackson (813) 840-7021
Title III, English Language Learners Sandra Rosario (813) 273-7511
Title IV Whitnee Shaffer (813) 273-7191
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