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Secondary Education

Curriculum Areas

High School Art education is made up of more than paint, markers, and clay. Based on the Florida Standards, certified art teachers implement a balanced and sequential curriculum considering the developmental, social, and psychological needs of students.
Driver Education
The Driver Education Department is dedicated to helping students become safety conscious and competent drivers.
English Language Arts
The High school language arts department engages students in rigorous activities to strengthen literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening through an extensive study of texts in English.
Gifted K-12
The K-12 Gifted Department provides support to district school personnel and the community in matters related to gifted and high-achieving students. The goal of the gifted department is to provide information and assistance to individuals and schools as they endeavor to meet the needs of gifted students who attend HCPS.
The Department of Secondary Mathematics is a primary resource whereby all students can cultivate college and career readiness skills through a comprehensive mathematics education as well as enrich their lives through mathematical practices.
The Department of Secondary Music is a primary resource for those who seek a comprehensive education and for those students who wish to enrich their lives through involvement with music.
Physical Education
Physical Education is an essential component of the total educational experience for all high school age students.
The High School reading department provides students with the necessary skills to become life long learners, readers, and effective communicators based on college, career and life skills required for success in the 21st century.
The Office of Secondary Science supports the curriculum and instruction for high school science courses.
Social Studies
The Secondary Social Studies Department is dedicated to teaching students about the history and government of the United States, our system of free enterprise, and to help them gain a greater understanding of the world.
World Languages
The World Languages program is committed to preparing students in becoming responsible global citizens.
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