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Teaching Jobs in Tampa

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Join Award-winning Hillsborough County Public Schools

Why is teaching in Hillsborough Schools BIG-TIME in the Sunshine? “BIG-TIME” is because we’re America’s eighth-largest district with more than 230 schools. That size gives us strength, with a wide array of school options at every level. “Sunshine” is because we’re in beautiful West Central Florida. Tampa offers urban, suburban and rural options, making this a great place to live, work and play.

In 2018 we introduced Achievement Schools, an effort to focus on students with the highest needs. We seek special teachers for positions at our Achievement Schools. Teachers in Achievement Schools are eligible for pay differential up to $13,000 a year including special incentives. This incentive, called Spark, is designed to spark your interest and spark the minds of the children you’ll inspire. Bonus pay and free or discounted child care are part of the incentives.

If you are interested in a position or want to speak to a recruiter, see our Statement of Interest. If you’re ready to join us, apply here. Look for school resources. Check our events calendar to see where we’ll be recruiting next. And we’re happy to include you in our subscription list for our newsletter, which will have a guide to Teaching in Tampa plus pro tips on interviews, resumes and more to help you land that job here.

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