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Teacher Recruitment

Teacher Recruitment


NOTE: On the vacancy pages, if you see an "Alphabetic Identifier" with the school name, that means that before the school was given a name by the School Board, it was identified by a letter of the alphabet, such as Z, D, T, V or R.

A/E Agreement to Earn
AASA American Association of School Administrators
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADAPT A Developmental Activities Project Team
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
AFT American Federation of Teachers
AGP Academically Gifted Program
AIS Academic Intervention Specialist (also SPEC ACAC INTVER)
AP Assistant Principal
APESE Alternative Placement for Exceptional Student Education
ATOSS Alternative to Out Of School Suspension
ATP Alternate Teacher Preparation Program
AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination
BS Bachelors Degree
BTP Beginning Teacher Program
CAC Citizen Advisory Committee
CEC Council for Exceptional Children
CIS Curriculum Intervention Specialist
COMP ED Comprehensive Education
CSR Position is funded through Class Size Reduction allocations (allows the district to track its use of dollars)
CTA Classroom Teachers Association
CTBS Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
DACCO Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordination Office, Inc.
DCT Diversified Corporative Training
DEES Department of Education for Exceptional Students
DJJ Department of Juvenile Justice
DOE Department of Education
DOSS Department of Student Services
DP Data Processing
D-PHR Division of Personnel and Human Resources
DR Doctoral Degree
DWP Developmental Writing Program
EBD Emotional Behavioral Disorders (formerly "SED: Severe Emotional Disorder)
ECIA Education Consolidation Improvement Act
ECLC Early Childhood Learning Center
ED Can mean: Economically Disadvantaged
EdS Education Specialist Degree
EELP Early Exceptional Learning Program
EH Emotionally Handicapped
ELL English Language Learners
ELP Early Learning Program
EMH Intellectually Disabled Independent (formerly: "Educable Mentally Handicapped")
EPC Education Practices Commission
ESC Education Standards Commission
ESE Exceptional Student Education (other districts may call this "Special Education")
ESL English as a Second Language
ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
F/T Full-Time
FAC FL Admin. Code
FDLRS Florida Diagnostic Learning Resource System
FEA Florida Education Association
FEFP Florida Education Finance Program
FELE FL Educational Leadership Exam
FEN Florida Educational Negotiators
FHSAA Florida High School Activities Association
FIRN Information Resource Network
FLRS Florida Labor Relations Services
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
FMHI Florida mental Health Institute
FMLA Family Medical Leave Act
FPMS Florida Performance Measurement System
FSBA Florida School Board Association
FTCE Florida Teacher Certification Exam
FTE Full-Time Equivalency (See also w/FTE below)
FTP-NEA Florida Teaching Profession-National Education Association
GPA Grade Point Average
H/T Half-Time
HARC Hillsborough Association for Retarded Citizens
HASA Hillsborough Association of School Administrators
HCAEOP Hillsborough County Association of Educational Office Personnel
HCTAA Hillsborough Technical Career Adult Association
HI Hearing Impaired
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
HRS Health & Rehabilitative Services
HSEF Hillsborough School Employees Federation
IB International Baccalaureate
IDEAS Instructional Division Electronic Access System (IDEAS / NEW IDEAS / FIRST CLASS / FIRSTCLASS)
ILAP Intensive Learning Alternative Program
INS Immigration & Naturalization Service
IPS Introductory Physical Science
ISC Instructional Services Center
ISS In-school suspension (see also: OSS)
J/C Job Code
KELP Kindergarten Exceptional Learning Program
LAMS Language Assessment Management System
LEP Limited English Proficiency (see also ESL)
LIFT Laboratory for Individualized Foundation Teaching
LOA Leave of Absence
LTS Long Term Sub
MS Masters Degree
NAEN National Association of Educational Negotiators
NI Non-Instructional
NIE Newspapers in Education
NON-REP Non-Represented/Administrative
NYC Neighborhood Youth Corps
OF Out of Field
OSS Out-of School Suspension (see also: ISS)
OTETA Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act
PAF Personnel Assignment Form
PALS Program for Assistant in Laboratory Science
PARA Paraprofessional
  • Definition #1: Personnel Data Form
  • Definition #2: A file format recognized by Acrobat Reader software
PEP Personalized Education Program
PERC Public Employees Relations Commission
PG Pay Grade
PH Physically Handicapped
PI Physically Impaired
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
PPOS Payroll/Personnel Online System
PPS Professional Practices Services
PREP Primary Education Program
PRIME Progress in middle Childhood Education Program
PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
PT Part-Time
PTA Parent and Teachers Association
QRG Quick Reference Guide (for Substitute Teachers)
RAISE (Bill) Raising Achievement in Secondary Education
RIF Reading is Fundamental
ROSSAC Raymond O. Shelton School Administrative Center
Main Administrative Building for the School District; 901 E Kennedy Blvd Tampa (813)272-4000
S/PMH Severe/Profound Mentally Handicapped
  • Definition #1: School Administrative Center (see ROSSAC above)
  • Definition #2: School Advisory Committee
SAL Subject Area Leader
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
SBC System Balance Change (Elementary Science)
SBER State Board of Education Rules
SBR State Board Rules
SDHC School District of Hillsborough County (Florida); also: Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida
SED Severely Emotionally Disturbed -- NOTE! Also called: "EBD -- Emotional Behavior Disorder"
SEMG Superintendent's Educational Management Group
SERVE School Enrichment Resource Volunteers, Inc.
SIP School Improvement Plan
SIT School Improvement Team
SLD Specific Learning Disability
SLH Speech Language Hearing
SP Supplement Schedule
SPMH Intellectually Disabled Participatory (formerly: "Severe/Profound Mentally Handicapped")
SS Salary Schedule
SSAT State Student Assessment Test
STAT Student Teacher Assistant Team
STEP School Based Teacher Education Program
TARC Temporary Appointment Regular Contract
TEC Teacher Education Council
TMH Intellectually Disabled Supported (formerly: "Trainable Mentally Handicapped")
TMI Tampa Marine Institute
VE Varying Exceptionalities
VI Visually Impaired
W/C Worker's Compensation
WCELN West Central Educational Leadership Network
wFTE Weighted Full-Time Equivalency
YAC Youth Achievement Center (at University of South Florida - "USF")
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