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Teen Parent Program

Teen Parent Program

Teen Parent Program

The Teen Parent Program is a voluntary program provided by the Hillsborough County Public School District. The program is designed to meet the needs of pregnant and parenting teens. There are two program options:

  • Program Option 1 - Student may remain at their attendance area school - Students who choose to remain in their attendance area school may receive childcare vouchers for free or reduced childcare services through the HCPS Early Childhood School Readiness Program.

  • Program Option 2 - Student may attend a teen parent program site - Students who are pregnant and parenting teens may choose to enroll in a teen parent program site offered by the District. Students will continue in their academic studies while their child attends childcare at the teen parent program site. Teen parent program sites are located on the campuses of D.W. Water Career Center, Simmons Career Center and South County Career Center. Childcare is provided by Easter Seals and is available for children six weeks to four years of age.

Eligibility and Enrollment
Pregnant and parenting teens seeking to receive childcare services or enrollment at a teen parent program site should contact a school-based representative (school social worker, guidance counselor, school nurse, or student success specialist) at the school where the student is enrolled or contact the district office for program information.

Documentation Needed
The following documents will be needed to enroll in the Teen Parent Program:

  • Completed district application
  • Picture ID of teen parent
  • * Baby’s birth certificate or a copy of Verification of Age Form
  • * Baby's Social Security number, and Social Security card if available
* In cases where the teen parent does not have a copy of the baby’s birth certificate, a Verification of Age Form can be used; however, it is only valid for one month. When no Social Security card is available, the teen parent must show proof of applying for a Social Security card.

Program Policy

  • Students are required to take and pass two of these classes Child Development, Parenting Skills, Early Childhood I, II, III, Life Management Skills, or Family Dynamics
  • Childcare services will only be paid by the voucher when the teen parent is present in school.
  • Student must comply with district attendance policies; having more than 10 unexcused absences may result in cancellation of services.
  • Additional program policies are cited in the teen parent packet.

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