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Wellness Integration for Students of Hillsborough (WISH)

Wellness Integration for Students of Hillsborough (WISH)

Did you know that one in five young people will experience a signficant mental health problem during their years in school?

Without help, these problems can lead to bigger problems: poor school performance, conflicts with friends and families, and more serious mental health disorders such as depression, eating disorders, or substance abuse problems.

Below is some general information and other resources to help you, or someone you may know, that is experiencing problems:

What are some "Warning Signs?"
Someone who is currently going through a mental health problem may be . . .

Troubled by feeling:

  • really sad and hopeless without good reason, and the feelings don’t go away;
  • extremely fearful – has unexplained fears or more fears than most children;
  • angry most of the time, overreacts to things;
  • anxious or worried a lot more than other kids your own age.

Limited by:

  • poor concentration;
  • difficulty making decisions, sitting still or focusing;
  • need to perform certain routines dozens of times a day;
  • regular nightmares.

Experiencing big changes:

  • does much worse in school;
  • loses interest in things usually enjoyed;
  • avoids friends and family;
  • talks about suicide;
  • hears voices that cannot be explained;
  • has changes in sleeping or eating patterns.

Behaving in ways that cause problems:

  • uses alcohol or other drugs;
  • does things that can be life threatening;
  • hurts other people;
  • destroys property or breaks the law.

How to Get Help
If you or a friend experiences any of these behaviors often, you should seek help. Talk to an adult you trust.

Family, teachers, and other school staff such as guidance counselors, school psychologists, or school social workers are your greatest resource when you need some help.

If you are not near a teacher, counselor, or other responsible adult, or if you just want someone else to talk to about your problems, call the National Youth Crisis Hotline at 1-800-442-4673 or 2-1-1 to talk to a person at the local Tampa Bay Crisis Hotline.

Additional Resources
Here are some other resources that may be helpful.
They can be viewed online and many have information that you can also print out.

BetheWall.org Young People Looking for Help
Bullying.org Stop Bullying Now
Cope Care Deal: Adolescent Mental Health Book Series

Resources for Middle and High School Students for a Healthy Life

Breaking the Cycle of Teen Dating Abuse RX for Teens (SAMHSA)
Bully-Free Hillsborough County Suicide Prevention (SAMHSA)
Healthy Habits 101 Teens and Tobacco
Plugged In Tobacco Free
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