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Generous Westchase readers help Twin Lakes students stock up on summer reading

May 29, 2018 - Student Success

By Jennifer Nashagh
Reading Coach
Twin Lakes Elementary

The "summer slide" is quite an epidemic and research says the single most effective way to help students remain and even increase their current reading level over the summer is to simply read. However, many of our students' parents complained that they don't have enough age-appropriate books. So we partnered with the NEHS (National Elementary Honor Society) of Westchase Elementary to hold a book drive to donate books to our students they can read over the summer.

For two weeks, Kirby Pires and her NEHS students at Westchase advertised a schoolwide book drive and kept a running count of all the books donated from each grade level as a competition. They collected more than 3,000 books!

On the final days of school, Twin Lakes students did some "summer book shopping” to build their home libraries and get working on their summer reading goals. Students first signed online reading contracts from the Florida Department of Education stating their name and how many books they planned to read. Them, they were able to choose books from dozens of bins organized by grade level.

We're so grateful for the Ms. Pires and all the Westchase students for their support!