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Image for Celebrating new leaders in the district
Join us in celebrating new leaders in the district. Here's a recap of the latest administrative appointments.

Celebrating new leaders in the district

November 17, 2015 - Employee Excellence

Meet Cornelius Bobo Sr.

Currently the Assistant Principal for Administration at Spoto High School, Mr. Bobo has been appointed as the Principal of North Tampa Alternative, effective November 30, 2015. As he embarks on this new journey, Mr. Bobo looks forward to preparing students for life by providing them with opportunities to be successful. Mr. Bobo loves spending time with family and friends and shares that his proudest moment is centered around becoming a father and husband. Congratulations Mr. Bobo!

Meet Debra Fitzpatrick

Currently the Principal of Ballast Point, Ms. Fitzpatrick has been appointed as the Principal of James Elementary. As an instructional leader, Ms. Fitzpatrick prepares students for life by providing a quality education in a setting of a positive school culture. During her leisure time she enjoys exercise, family time, participates in charity organizations, and travel. Congratulations Ms. Fitzpatrick!

Meet Ovett Wilson

Currently Assistant Principal of Van Buren Middle School, Mr. Wilson has been appointed as the Principal of Van Buren Middle School effective November 30, 2015. Mr. Wilson shares that he is looking forward to helping students reach their highest potential through focusing on school culture, academic and high expectations. Mr. Wilson explains without a doubt that his late mother, Millicent Wilson is his inspiration. She taught him that faith, family and hard work are essential to a successful life. Words to live by...congratulations Mr. Wilson!

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