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All ten Town ‘n’ Country STEM Hub schools received generous donation from Brink Family Foundation

September 04, 2018 - Partners in Education

Students in Town ‘n’ Country may be learning about robots today and saving our lives tomorrow, if they go into a STEM-based career, thanks to supporters like the Brink Family Foundation. Last week, the Brink Family Foundation, a private, family foundation which supports academic programs, and proud partner in Hillsborough County Public Schools, presented the Town ‘n’ Country area principals, teachers, students, families and district leaders with $50,000. Each school will receive $5,000, which will go toward enhancing the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs based on each school’s need.

Over a year ago this program started with five Town ‘n’ Country STEM Schools and now the funding is being offered to all ten schools. We are excited to share with the families and community that this program is supporting the feeder pattern— with students receiving quality STEM education from elementary age through high school. This program will continue to grow throughout the entire district, with continued support from our community partners.

“All of the leaders at the school sites, the teachers and coaches, etc., are jumping in, and they understand that STEM is not about more math and science, it’s about innovation, problem solvers, flexibility and creativity. And those are the skills students are going to need alongside of literacy to be successful citizens in our country,” said Larry Plank, Director of K-12 Science and STEM Education for the district.

During the check presentation, students and teachers from Webb Middle School and Town and Country Elementary shared their robot building skills, programmed LEGO dancing ducks to move with computer coding, and showed off how their electronic mouse moves through a maze without hitting walls.

Marcos Murillo, Area 2 Superintendent thanked the teacher leaders because they are the catalyst in making the project work.

“You might have the leadership, the leaders are here to support you, you are the ones doing the work, without you we can’t sell the program, without you it’s not going to be entertaining for our kids, without you, you aren’t going to request what you really need to provide for the kids,” said Marcos Murillo.

“We are very excited to be a part of the Town ‘n’ Country STEM Hub program, it is very special to me and my family because we grew up here, I attended Pierce Middle School and Leto High School. We wish everyone a very happy school year and we look forward to seeing the great projects,” said Linda Brink with the Brink Family Foundation.

The following schools will receive funding: Alexander Elementary, Cannella Elementary, Crestwood Elementary, Morgan Woods Elementary, Town and Country Elementary, Dickenson Elementary, Webb Middle School, Pierce Middle School, Woodbridge and Leto High School.

“We are so fortunate that the Brink Family Foundation has helped us to make our program even more wonderful, our students will be so indebted for what they have given us, we will be able to buy coding mice and it really does help develop this chain of success from elementary all the way up to high school,” said Melissa Babanats, Principal of Town and Country Elementary School.

Thank you Brink Family Foundation, for always being there for our schools, knowing what our schools are all about, believing in this program and the leadership team behind it.

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