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Tampa Bay Buccaneers kick off Jr. Bucs School Program

September 21, 2018 - Partners in Education

The Jr. Bucs School Program kicked off in Hillsborough County and Pinellas County schools this year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted students, school and district leaders from both counties, and city officials at One Buccaneer Place to celebrate the new curriculum and digital fitness program. It will benefit more than  200,000 elementary and middle school students. 

The Jr. Bucs Fitness Challenge will reach about 140,000 elementary students through educational activities that infuse football skills and drills into physical education curriculum throughout the two counties. The Jr. Bucs Middle School Flag Football program will enhance the flag football curriculum by providing equipment and instruction for an estimated 70,000 middle school students.

Upon arriving at the Buccaneers' indoor practice facility, students from Roland Park K-8 filed out of their school bus and were immediately greeted by the Buccaneer Cheerleaders.  After posing for group photos in front of the Bucs Pirate Ship, students made their way into the facility for a fun-filled morning. 

Superintendent Jeff Eakins, Pinellas Superintendent Michael Grego, and the hostess for the event, Darcy Glazer-Kassewitz, Owner/President of the Bucs Foundation and Glazer Family Foundation cheered on the students.

"This is very special," Superintendent Eakins said about the new initiative. "Our students of course look up to athletes and players, but they also recognize that organizations like this play other roles in the community, and that is really important for them to see."

Not only did the students get to pose for photos before the event, they attended a meet-and-greet and autograph signing with Bucs players and coaches.

Finally, they had the opportunity to take to the practice field and workout with Bucs players. The students jumped, passed, sprinted, cartwheeled, laughed, high-fived and generally had a great time modeling some of the activities that they will be doing in their schools as part of the new program infused into their daily activities.

Physical Education instructor Nancy Nowakowski from Lithia Springs Elementary is excited about the opportunity that the Jr. Bucs program is creating for her students.  "The partnership that we now have with the Buccaneers is going to be phenomenal, because they provided us with equipment that we are going to be able to use to enhance, develop and improve the students' physical fitness levels."

For more information and the Jr. Bucs program, please visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' website:

For more information about the Jr. Bucs curriculum in Hillsborough County Public Schools, please contact Steve Vanoer, Supervisor for K-12 Physical Education, Health Education and Dance Education at (813) 272-4825.

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