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Image for Students master the fundamentals of Cyber Security
Middle and high school students master the essentials of Cyber Security through Career and Technical Education electives

Students master the fundamentals of Cyber Security

November 24, 2015 - Points of Pride

Students in the Computer Systems and Information Technology (CSIT) program at Tampa Bay Technical and Middleton High Schools, and students in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Essentials course at Barrington Middle School are raising the bar when it comes to becoming proficient in the areas of Cyber Security. They are also taking and passing increasingly difficult online tests and assessments, which result in real-world industry certifications, including the ICT Essentials Digital Tool Certificate, the CompTIA® Security+ Certification, or one of several other industry-recognized certifications available to students in HCPS.

Barrington Middle School has an extremely successful rate of success for the students in Jeffery Fewell’s programs.  His students are earning Microsoft and ICT certifications every day, and the students are applying their new knowledge to practical use.  Recently, Mr. Fewell’s classes were asked to create both a PowerPoint presentation and a poster focusing on Cyber Security and its importance in everyday life. 

Tampa Bay Technical High School has a very strong IT program as well.  Students in Jim Truitt’s CSIT classes are working their way through a complex curriculum, which includes Cyber Security Essentials and Cyber Security Physical components, called occupational completion points (OCP’s). 

Because of the intense, rigorous, and relevant courses that students are taking at Barrington MS and Tampa Bay Technical HS, the “Cyber-Future” is in good hands in HCPS! 

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Enjoy photos of the Cyber classrooms in the Flickr album below, including some amazing posters from Shields Middle School’s anti-cyber bullying campaign.

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