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Image for Hillsborough Schools drive home the message about school bus safety week
National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 22-26

Hillsborough Schools drive home the message about school bus safety week

October 22, 2018 - Points of Pride

Every day, nearly 90,000 students count on Hillsborough County school buses to get them to and from school. Every day, safety is the number one priority for the District, the schools and our bus drivers. However, for one week of the year, school bus safety takes center stage as we all join forces to recognize its importance.

October 22-26 is National School Bus Safety Week. This year’s theme is My Driver – My Safety Hero. The Transportation Department has provided schools and community partners with some activities to promote school bus safety during this week:

  • Distribute safety materials to students. Many materials can be found online.
  • Hold an essay contest and ask students to write about why school bus safety is important and how they can help their bus drivers each day.
  • Contact local law enforcement to ask for officers to participate in school bus stop and school zone monitoring.
  • Run annual school bus emergency evacuation drills.
  • Invite parents to review safety rules with their children. Encourage children to ask questions about the rules and stress the importance of following all rules.
  • Stage a bus and driver at parent information nights or PTA meetings to allow parents to explore the safety features available in today’s modern school bus.
  • Hold a transportation “Open Garage” and invite parents or district staff to visit the facility to see what happens daily to transport children safely and efficiently. 

Looking for school bus safety tips all year round? Check out Hillsborough County School's website and cute PSA's that focus on Stop on Red, because OUR kids are Ahead! link