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Image for Donation makes a difference for Hospital Homebound Students
Wells Fargo Bank presents Tampa General Hospital with a check for SMART Boards in the TGH Hospital Homebound classroom.

Donation makes a difference for Hospital Homebound Students

December 02, 2015 - Partners in Education

At Tampa General Hospital's Homebound Classroom, teaching and learning does not happen in the traditional sense. Gary Lundgren, an HCPS teacher for the Hospital Homebound program at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) says that his students are hospital homebound due to a medical condition that prevents them from attending a traditional school.  Students are expected to perform to the best of their ability.

To bring 21st Century learning to this classroom, Wells Fargo has generously donated SMART Boards to the Hospital Homebound classroom.  This will help to make instructional learning easier for students like Jacob Meachum, who survived a horrific car accident.  “These donations have allowed us to perform our jobs as hospital teachers more efficiently and with greater interest by our students,” Lundgren said. A special moment unfolded at the check presentation when Jacob was able to physically write with his finger for the first time since his accident.  This has motivated and inspired him to work harder.

To learn more about the Hospital Homebound program visit and type “go Hospital Homebound”.




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