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East Bay High School's tennis courts are so bad, they're unusable

October 29, 2018 - Points of Pride

East Bay High School in Gibsonton has tennis courts – however, they are not usable. One look shows you why. The courts are cracked, with large chunks of concrete broken out of them. Some of the cracks are so large there is actually weeds growing in between.

“They’re in a pretty sad state of disrepair,” says Maria Gsell, principal of East Bay High, “They’re not usable by our tennis teams to practice, which would save the district money. Rather than renting a facility, we could do it here”.

The courts aren’t just for tennis. They are also basketball courts and volleyball courts that could be used by the school for outdoor PE classes. Instead, the courts stand empty. A waste of space that, if repaired, would really benefit students.

Outdoor court replacement is near the top of the list of improvements East Bay would make if the Education Referendum passes on the November 6 ballot. Also on that list is air-conditioning replacement, new bleachers and grandstands and replacing the old, leaky roof. Without the half-penny sales tax, it would be difficult to fund any, let alone ALL of those projects.

Looking out at her school’s broken, unusable outdoor courts, Principal Gsell’s message is clear, “It would really help our school out a lot if this space could be used by our students”.