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Image for Salute to Veterans: HCPS Operations Honors and Thanks Those Who Served
We thank the men and women under the Division of Operations who have served our nation and now serve our community in Hillsborough County Public Schools.

Salute to Veterans: HCPS Operations Honors and Thanks Those Who Served

November 12, 2018 - Employee Excellence

Veterans Day, Nov. 11, is a time to remember and thank the men and women who have served — and continue to serve in Hillsborough County Public Schools. The holiday is intended to thank veterans for their service and to acknowledge that their contributions to national security are appreciated. In this nation, that goes for veterans from the Revolutionary War up to today’s veterans.

The traditional date of Veterans Day falls on a Sunday, and some in the workforce will observe the holiday on Monday, Whichever date you choose, we encourage everyone to take a few days before and after the weekend to thank the many veterans in our workplace.

The Division of Operations appreciates our Veterans in Hillsborough County Public Schools as they exemplify the following:

Excellent Teamwork Skills: Military personnel spend most of their time working closely with others. They bring an intrinsic understanding of how loyalty adds to productivity and builds trust with coworkers.

Reliable Work Ethic: Work ethic may be difficult to gauge during an interview, but you can take it to the bank with veterans. They know the importance of adhering to a schedule and consistently performing well.

Uncommon Self-Discipline: Vets have been trained to work toward efficiency, ask for guidance when needed, and exercise self-discipline in professional settings. They are not strangers to working under stressful conditions

Global Communication Skills: Keenly aware of workplace diversity, vets understand that good communications also need to be flexible. Many military personnel speak more than one language and have traveled extensively, making them more aware of the nuances of different cultures.

Special Thanks to all of our local heroes who continue to serve our country by making a difference in our schools.  "Operation Gratitude" includes the women and men listed (and not listed) below. #ThankAVeteran @HCPSoperations  and take the time to review the names below and the Flickr album that highlights our Vets. 


Brian E. Holt
Asst. Manager Communications and Electronics
Electronics Maintenance Chief, United States Army
1984-2006 (served 22 years)

Terry Abraham
Custodial Operations Supervisor
Air Force Sergeant
Served: 1977-1985

David Thomas, Jr., Maintenance Central
E3 Lance Corporal
U.S. Marine Corp.
Served four years

Douglas Conant
United States Army
Served eight years

Harlan T. Ware, Supervisor Furniture and Repair
United States Army Colonel
Served 28 years

Wayde Vanvelkinburgh
Furniture Projects, Multi Tradesman
The United States Marine Corps
Corporal, Supply Specialist
Served: 1978-1984

Jay Houghton, Maintenance Central
E3 Sergeant 
U.S. Air Force
Served four years

Charles McFann, Maintenance Central Office
E4 Corporal U.S. Marine Corp
Served six years

Claude Griffin, Maintenance West
United States Army Staff Seargent 
Served eight years

Peter Brunner, Maintenance West
Marines served 4.5 years 
United States Army Seargent                                                                                    

Frank Mulvaney, Maintenance West
The U.S. Marines Corporal
Served for six years

Jerome Brown, Sites and Utilities
United States Army Rank E-1

Joseph Dempsey, Sites and Utilities
The U.S. Navy Seabees Rank 6
Served for 20 years

Tony Miller, Sites and Utilities
The U.S. Air Force
Served for 20 years

Rodney Days Sr., Sites, and Utilities
United States Army SPC/E4
Served six years (Desert Storm)

Student Nutrition Services

Michelle Booth
United States Army SPC/E4 
Served for five years

Pamela M. Smith
E4 Specialist U.S. Army
Served for five years

Gia Aylor
Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps
Served for six years 

Emergency Management and Security 

James W. Tegart, Community Officer II
United States Marine Corps, Sergeant
Served: 1994-1998

Michael Riddle, Evening Patrol
United States Marine Corps
Sergeant Combat Engineer,  
Served: 12 years

David Weaver-Rogers
United States Army
Served: 1983-1987

Calvin M. WINDOM Jr, Site Resource Officer
Staff Sergeant USMC/ Anti-Terrorism Chief/ Corrections Officer
Served: Feb 1991 - Feb 2011

Victor J. DeMicco, Officer - Patrol
The United States Marine Corps
US Dept. Of State
Served: 1990-1994; 2005-2015

Andres O. Reyes, Community School Officer II
SSG Reyes, Andres O.
United States Army 1998-2006 and 2010-2016
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF I) 2003-2004
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) 2012-2013

Officer Frank Madera
US Navy (Petty Officer)
Served: 1983-1986

Michael Basedow CW2
United States Army
Security Div Officer II
Served: Sep 1979 - Oct 1999

Rafael Morffi
The United States Marine Corps
Gunnery Sergeant
Served: 1982 - 2002 

Sergeant Thomas H. Creech/United States Army


Scott Anderson, Building Official
Petty Officer 2nd Class U.S. Navy
Served: 1983-1987

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