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Celebrating Diversity at Sligh Middle Magnet

November 13, 2018 - Points of Pride

Students at Sligh Middle Magnet School celebrated diversity while learning about different cultures at the 4th Annual Multicultural Festival.

“First, we have different performances with dances,” explained 8th Grader Jaeden Wilson. “I think it’s a nice thing to do, because most people don’t get to represent their culture at their school, but at Sligh we have a lot of opportunities to do that.”

Students packed the gym to learn more about different countries and traditions through dance and displays.

“We have 2 dances: Jamaican and the Salsa. We also have the Flag Walk,” said Abigail Baah, an 8th Grader. “It’s important because each student has a background. Their background deserves to be celebrated.”

“They’ll go around and look at the different displays where people come from. At the end, you’ll grab food from each country,” said Wilson.

Sligh Teacher Cristina Vega organized the event with support from the PTA to give students a “taste” of how people around the world live and what they eat.

“We have international food, where all of the parents volunteered to cook the food for the students. We have foods from Palestine, Ethiopia, Jamaica, just about all of the Latin American countries: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Columbia,” Vega said.

“This event is very important to highlight the identity of individuals, said Bonita Ramocan, Sligh PTA President. “This allows us to connect with each other in an environment of respect, because that is one of the Sligh values.”

Vega hopes the festival teaches students to embrace their differences and see their similarities.

“As a Latina female, it’s important for my students just to be proud of where they come from, to understand that we’re all different. We come from different places, but we can always just join together,” Vega said.

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