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Bevis Elementary School receives National Blue Ribbon Award

November 15, 2018 - Points of Pride

Dance parties and ice cream socials were on this week’s agenda at Colleen Bevis Elementary School.

The celebration comes after one of the country’s most prestigious education awards was bestowed to the school.

The National Blue Ribbon Program recognizes public and private elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States that not only excel in academics but strive to close the achievement gaps within student subgroups.

This year, Bevis Elementary in Lithia was one of the chosen schools.

All over the school, there are blue ribbons on display showing just how proud the school is of this honor.

Bevis, which has over 800 students, won under the Exemplary High Performing Schools category.

Only 349 schools across the U.S. won the National Blue Ribbon award. Just 12 of those are from Florida, including Bevis.

Principal Rebecca Thoms says the year’s theme “The Greatest School on Earth” helped students and teachers get motivated to have a successful year.

“It’s nice after five years of consistency and hard work and really looking outside the box to bring new things into the classroom to have it all recognized by both the state as well as the nation was a huge deal,” said Thoms.

Ms. Melanie Cochrane was principal at the time of the nomination.

Thoms was working as the assistant principle and was promoted to principal this school year.

Both Cochrane and Thoms went to Washington D.C. last week to accept the award.

“To really see the teachers for all the hard work they do each and every day is important,” said Thoms. “It keeps them excited and it lets them know that other people appreciate and see all the wonderful things they do for our kids each and every day.”

Teacher Dawn Gutsche credits the school’s well-rounded programs that help students with different challenges they may be facing.

“It’s an amazing accomplishment,” said Gutsche. “It goes back to the hard work of the teachers, staff and students including the parents and community because we work together.”

5th grader Dylan Quesada loves his community and school because of the positive atmosphere.

One of his favorite things about Bevis is the interactive teaching plans from his teachers.

“My teachers are very involved,” said Quesada “They get people up and give examples of real life situations. I love how because of the teaching and the efforts from the students that we’ve been recognized.”

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