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Image for Little Birdie Adopt-a-School delivers books and smiles
A “Little Birdie” dropped by Foster Elementary School to deliver new books and smiles!

Little Birdie Adopt-a-School delivers books and smiles

December 11, 2015 - Partners in Education

Little Birdie Adopt-a-School is a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization that supplies book donations and reading resources to grade schools throughout the United States. Thanks to their partnership with educational publishers, they are able to buy books at below-market value to give to libraries. By matching donors to elementary schools, they allow people to donate to any school they wish. Little Birdie Adopt-a-School's mission is to empower young readers through invigorating elementary school libraries with brand new, eye-catching, educational, nonfiction books. It provides new books to schools in need, addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy—access to books. In a thank-you to Little Birdie from Laurie Muffley, Media Specialist at Kenly Elementary, Laurie stated that “you are continuing the important work of sharing literacy with the next generation…thank you for all that you do.  It’s both eternal and priceless.”

According to Elaine S. Evans, Regional Fundraising Coordinator for Little Birdie, “We personally delivered books to the following eleven schools in Hillsborough County from our warehouse in Tampa:  Palm River Elementary School; Bing Elementary School; Kenly Elementary School; Edison Elementary; Foster Elementary; James Elementary; Lockhart Elementary Lomax Elementary; Potter Elementary; Robles Elementary; and Sheehy Elementary.”   Together with the Lions Club, 250 new titles were also delivered to Town & County Elementary School,  while even more recently, 200 full-color Spanish-English dictionaries were donated to Reddick Elementary School under the sponsorship of the Lions Club and Little Birdie.

When Little Birdie dropped off dozens of non-fiction, educational books for Foster Elementary School’s Media Center earlier this year, a very lucky group of students got to experience the excitement of opening a brand new book for the very first time.  Gabriel V., who is a 5th grader, said “The books are inspiring and exciting.  They have adventures of different kinds so you don’t have to pick just one.”  Asia F., also a 5th grader at Foster, was amazed at the variety of books, and said “They’re very interesting and informational.  I know a good book when I read one!”  Edison Elementary Media Specialist Jeannie Wilkinson said, It was such welcome news to me that our school had been selected to receive 50 library bound books on a variety of subjects! Even so, I was not prepared for the bounty that 50 books actually is. When our books were delivered, I was so overwhelmed, I could hardly speak!”    Rhonda Hurst, Media Specialist at Lomax Magnet echoed those sentiments, and said, “The books were a nice surprise to our media center.”  (Photos of students enjoying some of the new books in their media centers are available for viewing in the Flickr album below.) 

If you are interested in sponsoring/supporting a book purchase and delivery to a school of your choice, or know of a group, club, or organization who would be, please visit the Little Birdie web site at  Learn more about Little Birdie Adopt-a-School by following them on Twitter feed at @BirdieCharity or liking them on Facebook at

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