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Durant High School students receive free books in honor of Literacy Week

February 07, 2019 - Points of Pride

Last week, each school in our district celebrated Literacy Week in a special way.

At Durant High School, educators like Jeannette Teeden wanted to bring back the students’ passion for reading in a special way and help them revive the love and imagination they once had when they were little.

On Friday, the school hosted “Literacy in the Courtyard” during lunch periods.

Couches, chairs and tables filled with books for students to sift through helped rekindle that love for reading.

The books were donated from a book drive the school hosted earlier in the school year. Hundreds of students took home multiple books and were excited to dive deep into a new story.

“We hope that we can instill that love of reading that they used to have and to give them opportunities to talk about the books, even take their lunch break to start reading,” said Teeden.

Some students stopped checking out books at the school’s library because of fear that they will forget to return them and in turn be charged a late fee. Teeden believes students are more inclined to read, if the book is free.

“It’s my favorite thing in the world to help students feel nostalgic about reading and help them find a book,” said Teeden. “It’s the most important thing we do as educators, especially being a reading coach, is to help students find that love of reading again.”

Senior Rebecca Yoder enjoys this event every year and took home a handful of books to enjoy.

“I love supernatural, murder mysteries,” said Yoder. “So, I think it’s fantastic and invites many students who don’t go to the library to have a chance to look at free books.”

It’s not just encouraging high school students to read but also to help the younger generation.

Many students love being able to get free books and will even take extra ones for their siblings,” said Teeden. 

Once all lunch periods were over, students who wanted more books were able to collect as many as they pleased.

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