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Amazing, Gorgeous Exhibits at the Florida State Fair Honoring African American Contributions to STEM and The Arts

February 08, 2019 - Student Success

Yes, it is Student Day at the Florida State Fair—but it is so much more than that. It’s a day for Hillsborough County Schools to recognize and honor African American pioneers in the arts and STEM.

Amazing, gorgeous exhibits lined the Florida Center. Elaborate works of art, put together to recognize the contributions of African Americans.

Students have been working on these projects for nine months—coming up with a theme, a plan and then putting the plan into action. It culminates with these stunning exhibits lining the Florida Center at the Fair.

School Board Chairwoman, Tamara Shamburger, was in awe of the presentations. She says she’s thrilled to see the time and effort each school put into their project, “It’s exciting to see the students really dive deep and show us what they have learned”.

Hillsborough County Public Schools Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Minerva Spanner Morrow echoed those sentiments. She thinks it’s important for other students, younger students, to come through and see the contributions African Americans have made in STEM and the arts, “We know if students see displays and learn about people who look like them, that motivates them, that excites them”.

The exhibits are on display through February 18th inside the air-conditioned Florida Center at the Florida State Fair.


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