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Why #WeAchieveTogether: Teachers & Twins, Stacey Lucius & Sheena Calic

February 13, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Stacey Lucius and Sheena Calic are twin sisters – both teach math and science at Just Elementary School.

“We both like working with children much more than adults, so it led us into the path of education,” said Stacey Lucius, a fifth-grade teacher at Just Elementary.

“Being sisters and working at the same school, we have that background knowledge to say ‘This is what happened last year, and this is how I handled it,’” said Sheena Calic, a fourth-grade teacher at Just Elementary.

These two sister-teachers’ special bond benefits their students with additional stability and support throughout their education.

“I mold them and get them set for her; we both teach math and science,” said Calic.

“I get her babies. She teaches them in fourth, and I get them in fifth, and they already know our style,” added Lucius. “They also know the rule that I will give you everything that you give me.”

“We’re in their lives, and they know that they mean something to us and have a place in our lives, especially because there are two of us,” said Lucius.

Both Calic and Lucius agree that building their students’ confidence in themselves, and school in general, is critical to their role in the classroom.

“Building these relationships is important. Not a lot of our students have consistency in their lives, and they come to you not believing and having little faith in school,” said Calic. “But once you build those bonds and relationships with them, they will do everything that is expected of them and start having high expectations of themselves.”

“They don’t want weekends, they don’t want breaks, and they don’t want to go home sick. With every ounce of their bodies they want to be here, and that is special,” said Lucius. “It’s why we show up every day.”

“Having that feeling that they all respect and love us is the bonus,” said Calic.

“It’s work on a different level,” Lucius explained. “You have to be willing to give every ounce of your soul and your heart on a daily basis.”

At the end of the day, Lucius and Calic know that their impact, though maybe during only one or two years of a child’s educational journey, plays an important role in shaping the character of their students.

“You’re not a doctor giving heart surgery and saving someone’s life in that way, but you are someone who gives them the first smile they see in the morning and a hug, and who makes sure they ate breakfast. That is you – saving their life,” said Calic.

“You see that what you are doing is causing a real impact because not only are we educating them, but we are teaching them lessons, manners, morals and values far beyond what 10 plus 10 equals,” Lucius said. “We can give them things that are going to make them successful in the long run, and they get smarter while we do all of that.”

“It’s making little people, great people,” said Calic.

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

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