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Image for Celebrating new leaders in the district
Join us in celebrating new leaders in the district. Here's a recap of the latest administrative appointments.

Celebrating new leaders in the district

December 15, 2015 - Points of Pride

Meet Janet Spence

Currently Director of Planning and Related Services, Ms. Spence has been appointed as the Instructional Leadership Director of Middle School effective January 4, 2016. As she embarks on this new journey, Ms. Spence looks forward to preparing students for life by staying focused on what's best for our students. When asked who or what inspires her and why she answered, "My parents, for always teaching me to do my best and treat others with dignity and respect." Congratulations Ms. Spence!

Meet Raymond Cella

Currently Business Process Improvement Specialist, Mr. Cella has been appointed as the Customer Service Manager- Human Resources. Mr. Cella looks forward to preparing students for life by helping to identify and bring in the best instructional candidates through an enhanced employment application system. Mr. Cella shares that his proudest moments include the birth of his children and the most unusual place he has visited is The Darie Jungle in Panama. Sounds adventurous. Congratulations Mr. Cella!

Meet Holly Frazier

Currently Assistant Principal for Magnet Studies at Jefferson High School, Ms. Frazier has been appointed as the Principal of D.W. Waters Career Center effective January 19, 2016. Ms. Frazier looks forward to preparing students for life by making learning fun with lots of support from the community. Ms. Frazier shares that her late mother is her hero and inspiration, "she instilled in me and my siblings a love for learning and working hard. She believed in all of us." Congratulations Ms. Frazier!

Meet Travian Smith

Currently the Assistant Principal of Administration at Middleton High School, Mr. Smith has been appointed as the Principal of Carver Center. Mr. Smith prepares students for life by always striving to push students to achieve their highest potential. During his leisure time he loves to hang out with his kids and enjoys fishing. Congratulations Mr. Smith!

Meet Kevin Martin

Currently Assistant Principal at Lithia Springs Elementary School, Mr. Martin has been appointed as the Principal at Lithia Springs Elementary School effective January 4, 2016. Mr. Martin will work to prepare each student to develop a love of learning, a desire to achieve their dreams and goals and to be successful citizens in a 21st century global community. He loves to coach, play and watch ice hockey. In fact his family loves going to Lightning games together! Mr. Martin shares that his dad is his hero, "he taught me to be humble and work hard to achieve my goals." Congratulations Mr. Martin!

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