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Image for Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet Rebuild is Coming to Life
Rendering of the design of Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet rebuild

Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet Rebuild is Coming to Life

March 15, 2019 - Points of Pride

A good mix of parents, staff, and community members attended the Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School's rebuild community meeting on Thursday at Young Middle Magnet. Hillsborough County Public Schools Build and Design Team, Construction Manager – JE Dunn Construction – and the Design Professional – Fleischman Garcia & Planners unveiled some of the first computer renderings of the school, which is scheduled to be constructed by November 2020.

Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School's community got its first look Thursday at what their school will look like after it's rebuilt and re-opened. Parents, students and staff joined other community members for an update on the rebuild of their historic campus on Columbus Drive, which was destroyed by fire in 2017.

Attendees had an opportunity to learn about the build and design updates by doing an informal gallery walk at Young Middle Magnet School in the Media Center. They asked questions and shared their thoughts with various groups associated with the renovation project.  Comment sheets were also readily available to be shared with the project team.


A series of modern upgrades are in the works while preserving the historical integrity of the school. Principal Beverly Smith has a lot of things to look forward to. "I'm super excited about this opportunity to have new facilities for our kids," said Principal Smith. "I think they deserve it. I think by preserving what we have in the historical district of Tampa Heights, is something significant in itself".

With input from the school community--administration rebranded its magnet theme to Global Leadership Academy focusing on the 7 Wonders (leadership, economics, environment, wellness, innovation, communication, culture).

As previously reported, Hillsborough County Public Schools negotiated full payment from the district’s insurance companies for the rebuild, using the preserved historic exterior of the school.

Architects working on the project admit rebuilding the school isn't the easiest task. “Keeping the existing walls intact is very challenging," said Marcel Maslowski, with Fleischman Garcia Architecture. "Everything inside will be a mix of modern and traditional design, so it's going to be very vibrant with energy".

Construction is scheduled to begin in June.



To learn more about project updates and view current design schematics--visit the Tampa Heights Renovation Project webpage at

To learn more about Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School visit