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April 11, 2019 - Student Success

In 2018, following the guidelines of the National Department of Education in Rome through the Italian Consulate in Miami, schools in Florida were invited to take part in the international project, “NET-WORKshops”. The goal was to create a visual portrait of a language-learning network and its potential evolution, given today’s easy access to new technologies.

This project made Gaither High School’s AP Italian Language and Culture students (the only course of its kind in Hillsborough County) realize how much history and tradition there is to tell about Italian culture in the Tampa Bay area.

The students then created the brand #CiaoItalia! - a student-led project for the promotion of Italian language and culture.

Their intent was to portray a fun way to learn the Italian language, the community cultural shift and the intercultural ties with Italy through a video project. This short film included interviews of local Italians discussing their experiences in fields such as arts, science, architecture, and sports.