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Why #WeAchieveTogether: Teacher Stephanie Hurst

April 17, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Stephanie Hurst is a fifth grade teacher at Dover Elementary School and was nominated for Why #WeAchieveTogether by Dover’s Media Specialist Kerri Aman.

“Stephanie is new to our school this year, and I think she’s amazing,” said Kerri Aman. “Her classroom environment is so warm and inviting. It’s the kind of classroom you’d want your own kids to be in.”

“I enjoy the challenge that comes with teaching at an Achievement School. It brings me back to why I wanted to be a teacher,” said Stephanie Hurst. “My ‘Why I Teach’ is the students. When I come in every day, they are eager to see what lesson plans I have for them, and they want to learn. They have an excellent work ethic and are very intelligent.”

“Sometimes, there is a language barrier that may prevent some students from being able to access the curriculum,” said Hurst. “I don’t speak Spanish, so that is a challenge we have to overcome, and we’ve included technology in the classroom to help us with that. I’ve seen students who are on second and third grade reading levels, be on grade level by the end of the year by implementing a lot of research-based practices and language instruction.”

Aman noted that Hurst has a great attitude and high expectations for her kids, and that “her love just shows when she teaches.”

“I have high expectations in my classroom – for behavior, academics and work ethic,” said Hurst. “My students’ grit and those high expectations in the classroom help them achieve their goals.”

“It’s relationships first, then academics,” said Hurst. “This is the world’s best school, and I believe that is because we have the world’s best students. I want all of my students to leave here enriched, feeling loved and one step closer to reaching the successes in their lives.”

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

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