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Countdown to Graduation - Lennard Senior Alexandra Gardner is attending the University of South Florida!

May 09, 2019 - Student Success

Once you meet Lennard Senior Alexandra Gardner, you’ll know why she is loved by so many.

She has a heart of gold!

Aside from earning a 4.0 GPA, she has spent countless hours helping with Lennard’s ESE Broadway school plays.

“Working with the ESE kids wasn’t always about me teaching them,” said Gardner. “They taught me many important lessons I’ll carry and share with others.”

Alex’s love for her ESE students has led her to choose a university close to home. She will be attending the University of South Florida to study medicine.

Alex wants to become a pediatric surgeon.

“Many of the ESE students don’t understand moving on and going to different places,” said Gardner. “It can be hard on them. So, just being able to be close to them and come help with their performances makes me happy.”

Her high school career has not come without difficulties. Alex’s father is currently deployed overseas and has missed many big events in the past four years, including all her ESE Broadway plays.

However, this situation has never held Alex back from accomplishing anything she sets her mind to.

“I’ve had to move about 8 times, each time moving schools and meeting new people,” said Gardner. “I had moved right before high school and it was hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world because being a military brat led me to experience new cultures and it’s made me who I am today. I can adapt to new things and embrace change.”

Lennard Principal Denise Savino choose Alex to meet Superintendent Jeff Eakins the day of graduation.

Each year, every school selects one student to represent them.

“Alex was selected for this nomination because she exemplifies the qualities of everything that a Lennard Longhorn stands for,” said Savino.

While her senior year has been spent taking classes at Hillsborough Community College, Alex made time to support her friends.

”Despite not being on campus, she made practice every day and performed her last show with the ESE crew. Alex provides humanity with the hope that one day we will all be seen as the individuals we are and that kindness will always win,” said Savino.

So what is the secret to a successful high school career?

Studying, of course.

“Paying attention and listening to understand the material, not just hear it, which is hard because there are some classes that are not so fun,” said Gardner. “Getting great grades will open up a lot of opportunities for you in the future.”

In just a few short weeks, Alex will be receiving her diploma with a special guest in the audience, her dad!

“He really only gets to come twice a year for major events,” said Gardner. “He came home last year for my 18th birthday but he missed Christmas. So, this year he will be home for my graduation and get to see me walk.”

Alex will begin her classes at the University of South Florida this summer! Congratulations!

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