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Why #WeAchieveTogether: School Counselor Rennex Franklin

May 15, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Rennex Franklin is a school counselor at Broward Elementary and was nominated for Why #WeAchieveTogether by Susan Anderson, Principal’s Secretary at Broward.

“I truly love that I get to help students to find their voice and share their opinion, and see the results of that,” said Rennex Franklin, Broward Elementary School Counselor. “I like that I get to challenge them, as well as listen to what the students want and try to find avenues to make those things happen.”

“Our students are the personification of resilience. Whatever they have facing them, they can bounce back and push through,” said Franklin. “We are here, all hands on deck, ready to move them forward.”

“Mr. Franklin is an integral part of the Broward family. He goes above and beyond every single day here,” said Susan Anderson, Principal’s Secretary at Broward Elementary School. “He’s not just the guidance counselor – he’s the school guidance counselor. Everybody can talk to Mr. Franklin, including staff and parents.”

Franklin’s role stretches beyond providing students with academic guidance, as he focuses on creating an atmosphere where students feel safe and heard.

“I’m making sure that I can be that person they can celebrate with while they’re here at school and show them I’m always in their corner. I want to make sure they get the best out of life,” said Franklin. “I support them academically as a school counselor, but also as the whole student. For example, if there’s something going on at home, I can listen and provide some resources to them. I can also be a channel for them to release those feelings, so that they can try to be successful in the classroom.”

Franklin’s goal is to help turn voids or obstacles into tangible solutions.

“I challenge students to share their frustrations and what they want as a student and as a learner. We then try to match those things up with a program or by starting a club,” said Franklin. “Some of our students were just having a conversation about skateboarding, so now every Friday after school we have a skateboarding club. It allows them to really feel at home while they’re here at school, and it gives them a reason to feel connected. I love that I get to be a person who can connect them to those experiences, and shape the academics and the whole student,” said Franklin.

“I’m inspired by him every day. He just does a lot of things that really make Broward a great place for kids to learn,” Anderson said.

“At the end of the day, when you see a student light up because they learned something new, or you see a family become connect with you and share a success story that you were a part of, it’s life changing.”

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

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