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Why #WeAchieveTogether: Teacher Emma Clark

June 26, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Emma Clark is a third grade teacher at Forest Hills Elementary School.

In an Achievement School, the impact you are making is multiplied with every student in your classroom. You feel you are changing every single student’s life. Summer school is an amazing opportunity, because students get to come together with other kids from different schools to read and learn collaboratively.

An important moment for me is finding a book that a student ends up loving and really connecting with. It’s so special when your students can relate to a book, and it’s the first step to them loving reading. Once they understand that reading is not a chore, that it’s not just for a state test, it can really be interesting and engaging for them. When you get kids to love reading is when they really can start being successful.

Being in an Achievement School is special because you’re not just a teacher of reading or math, you’re a mentor and a friend and are able to provide that social and emotional aspect of learning for the whole child. It’s important to show compassion, generosity and perseverance. These are things that need to be taught, and watching the students become the people they want to be, standing up for others and truly becoming leaders, is so inspiring.

At an Achievement School, you feel the support of your fellow teachers and administrators daily, and you know that the change you are making is real. You can see it and you can feel it, and there’s a hard drive and urgency behind it. At Achievement Schools, it’s about what you need to do for your kids, not just that you are teaching the curriculum. Asking, “What do my kids need?” and “How can I make them successful?” It’s a unique experience, because you can bring your creativity to the teaching.

I’m very excited for next year because I’ll be teaching math and science. It’s so important to teach kids how to use manipulatives to problem solve and build critical thinking.

We want our students to realize that hard work equals success. Any way we can create that for them to see it and visualize it, then there’s no stopping them from achieving their goals. I can see these kids changing the world.

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

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