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Middleton High School Chinese Camp introduces students to unique culture, language

July 15, 2019 - Points of Pride

Middleton High School Teacher, Bernie Hooper wants her students to be educated in different cultures.  

That is why teaching the Chinese language and culture is so important to her.

During the summer, Hooper helps put on a four day Chinese camp for incoming freshman, where they learn basic greetings, numbers and names of the zodiac animals.

Since we are a less commonly taught language, not many students know that there is Chinese at Middleton High School, and they will automatically take Spanish,” said Hooper.

Incoming junior, Ashleigh Brewster has been in the Chinese program for two years.

“Some of the benefits of the program are that you learn a new language that most people don’t know,” said Brewster. “So, if you were to go overseas to parts of Asia, you would be able to communicate because Mandarin Chinese is the main language that they speak and also it helps you educational wise depending on what you want to do in life.”

Learning the Chinese language certainly has been a positive experience for incoming senior Juan Diego Gallego.

After graduating from Middleton, Gallego will be pursuing a degree in International Business.

 “I already know how to speak Spanish so if I learn another language it will be really beneficial for communication and trying to express myself to other people in Asia,” said Gallego.

Middleton embraces the Chinese program by having their own lion dance team, which is performed by a group of students.

“It’s a traditional Chinese dance that’s performed at Chinese New Year and openings of businesses or restaurants,” said Hooper. “It’s supposed to scare away evil spirits.”

Students perform the dance during pep rallies and other big events at school, which helps highlight the Chinese language program.

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