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New teachers are 'Excited!' for the first day of school

July 18, 2019 - Points of Pride

The anticipation is growing for the first day of school on August 12th. Students will be greeted by hundreds of new faces—there are more than 800 new teachers in our district this school year.

“Excited, nervous, it’s all finally here within these next couple weeks. I’m really excited to get started,” said Genevieve Beaumier, a new 3rd Grade ELA Teacher at Forest Hills Elementary.

Beaumier graduated from the University of Tampa in May and is one of our new teachers Superintendent Jeff Eakins, board members and district staff recently welcomed at the Hillsborough Educator Institute at Chamberlain High School.

“We’re welcoming more than 600 teachers to this event today, but we’re welcoming more than 800 here to Hillsborough County Public Schools—the greatest district in the nation,” said Superintendent Jeff Eakins. “I remember 30 years ago, I was in that audience, excited about joining Hillsborough County Public Schools and today is their day, so we welcome them,” Superintendent Eakins said.

They will join our school teams—with more than 14,000 current teachers—who continually stand out as state and national leaders.

Superintendent Eakins said we often talk about teachers making an impact on that “one student’s life.” His advice? Treat every student like “the one.”

“Your students are going to determine your pathway—getting to know them, focusing on their needs, some of their challenges, their talents—those are the things that drive you as a teacher every single day to do what you do,” said Superintendent Eakins.

Nearly 30 percent of our district’s new hires will be teaching in one of our 50 Achievement Schools, helping our highest needs schools, including Beaumier. She said she connected with staff and students at Forest Hills during her internship and that helped guide her path and launch her career in education.

“I elected to go to an Achievement School for my final internship. I thought it would be interesting exposure for me to be more well-rounded going out in the workforce, to see what an Achievement School was. I had an incredible mentor, the administration was unbelievable and the support staff at Forest Hills. I was lucky enough to end my internship early and fill a vacancy in first grade at Forest Hills,” said Beaumier. “It seems like you’re so much more to these kids. In this case, you may have to fill in as a mom or friend, just to be there for these kids in more ways than you maybe could have imagined.”

The is a return to our district for “new” teacher Ginny Harrell. The HCPS graduate joined the district in the 80’s as a teacher, and while she took some time off to raise her two daughters, she continued to hold her teaching certificate and stayed connected to the classroom and our district.  

“I taught at McLane for about 10 years, left to raise my kids, and I’ve spent the past 20 years being spoiled—working part time. I spent the last nine weeks of last year in one position, a maternity leave at Bloomingdale, and I was like I need to do this!”

Harrell will be joining the Bloomingdale High School staff as a math teacher, but said she knows her new role goes way beyond the books.

“I love the connections you make with people, especially children and watching then grow. They all learn to be better people. I don’t think we just teach the subjects, we teach manners, life skills, we teach a lot. I’m back to what I truly love—teaching,” Harrell said.

Our district continues to hire new teachers. Are you ready to lead, teach and inspire in Hillsborough County Public Schools? Come join us, Teach in Tampa! For more information and to apply, visit


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