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Teacher Asks Wedding Guests for Student School Supplies Instead of Gifts

July 25, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Kelli Cameron and her husband Matt passed on a traditional wedding registry for their nuptials June 8th. Instead, the first grade teacher from Roland Park K8 asked wedding guests to purchase a backpack filled with school supplies and clothing for children who may not be able to afford it.  

"It wasn't much different than going online and making a registry. Instead of crockpots, it was and sharpies and t-shirts," said Matt Cameron. 

Cameron worked with leaders at BT Washington to figure out what students needed the most. After the wedding, the couple was able to donate 70 backpacks fileld with clothing and supplies to students there. 

"Being a teacher, I put my heart and soul into the kids. And you try and give and give to them, and a lot of teachers do that as well," said Kelli Cameron. 

The couple said they got the idea after shopping for Angel Tree each holiday season. Cameron says she hopes this makes a difference in children's lives and starts their year off right.

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