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Image for Hillsborough County Public Schools Celebrates National Custodian Day
David Bass has been a custodian at Brandon High School since he graduated there in 1973.

Hillsborough County Public Schools Celebrates National Custodian Day

October 02, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Custodial staff at every school at Hillsborough County Pubilc Schools work diligently year round to keep school grounds safe and clean for our students and faculty. To honor National Custodian Day on October 2, students at Brandon High School held a sign in the lunchrooms that read, "We love our custodians." 

One of those custodians is David Bass, who has been at Brandon High School for nearly half a century. He graduated Brandon High in 1973 and immediately got a job working as a custodian. Faculty and staff at the school call Bass a diligent worker who never misses a day on the job. 

Head Custodian Roxie Jensen says as far back as her records show, Bass has never taken a sick day. Jensen says his work ethic is unmatched. "If I ever ask him to do something, it gets back immediately. I don't ever have to go and check on him," said Jensen. 

Jensen also says Bass has been known to stop by on weekends to tidy up the grounds if he sees something out of place. 

When asked why he's stayed at Brandon High School for so long, Bass says, "It's just what I do." 

Hillsborough County Public Schools thanks every custodian everything they do year round to keep our grounds clean and safe for all of our students, faculty and staff. 

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