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Rodgers Middle Magnet adding new programs, Cambridge AICE curriculum starting in fall of 2020

November 13, 2019 - Trending in Schools

Rodgers Stingrays are "Rays-ing" the standard of excellence by adding new programs and rigorous curriculum to challenge middle school students.

Principal David New is going into his second year as principal of Rodgers Middle Magnet.

New and his team have been working hard to help improve the school grade and help students succeed.

“One of the things I’m most proud of is that for the first time in seven years our school grade has gone from a C to a B,” said New. “So, we feel like we are moving in the right direction.”

Within the traditional school, many programs have been added back in recent years.

“We added agriculture back this year, we added art back and business technology, which gives our students the opportunity to get industry certifications,” said New. “We also have a fantastic elite level music program that teach band, chorus and orchestra. There are many programs for our kids to be involved in beyond the core academics.”

Aside from the new programs, New is most excited about adding the Cambridge AICE curriculum, which puts Rodgers into the Magnet schools category.

The Cambridge Prep Academy at Rodgers Middle Magnet will be a whole-school model, driven by the internationally respected Cambridge Philosophy. Rodgers has applied to become a Cambridge candidate school, which will be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year.

The Cambridge Program is designed for academically talented middle school students. The curriculum is written and administered by the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. 

All students will be challenged with rigorous courses, and will have the opportunity to choose classes based on their interests.

“The student who is going to go to high school and take AP and dual enrollment courses, the Cambridge AICE curriculum is going to help them prepare for that and be ready to succeed at that level and also the college level,” said New.

The core classes (English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and World History) and some elective courses will be infused with the Cambridge learning philosophy

Aside from the whole-school model, students who meet the internal criteria at Rodgers Middle Magnet for honors coursework will be selected for the Cambridge Honors Institute, a 50 seat internal honors track.

The Cambridge Honors Institute will be a cohort schedule, meaning students will be together all day and move together to different classes.

These students will receive a more laser focused Cambridge curriculum as far as tutorials, field trips and exposure to those extra rigorous classes.

“Students from all over the district will have the opportunity to choice into the program but if there are seats left, we have the ability to go look at students who are already zoned for us and select them if they want to be a part of it,” said New. “It is such an advance level curriculum, when you think about Cambridge and Duke University; it’s that level of scholar assessment for kids but it’s designed specifically for the middle school student to prepare them to be successful in high school and in post-secondary.”

Students in or out of the Rodgers boundary can apply to The Cambridge Prep Academy at Rodgers Middle Magnet.

All students wishing to attend, must complete a choice application online through the Hillsborough County School website at

The first choice application closes on December 31, 2019.

After all applications are complete and the enrollment is finished, administrators at Rodgers will schedule students into the Cambridge Honors Institute.

All applications are processed after the December 31st deadline, so the date of your application does not affect your chance of being selected—submitting an application in October is the same as submitting in December. Families will be notified if their student has been accepted into the program by the middle of February.