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Image for Local Church teams up with Lake Magdalene Elementary to provide physical and mental support
Church and school team up to provide meals for families without transportation

Local Church teams up with Lake Magdalene Elementary to provide physical and mental support

With the recent Covid-19 situation, Mission Hill Church is generously delivering full bags of groceries, toiletries, etc. to the homes of Lake Magadalene Elementary School families, who do not have transportation.  In addition, church volunteers are giving out large full grocery bags every Thursday at the church to all the other families (about 20) on the "Manatee Meals" list.

The church parishioners and volunteers love giving out food boxes every week. As word gets out, they serve more and more families.

Jennifer Palese is the School Counselor at Lake Magdalene. “So many parents have reached out to me thanking Lake Magdalene Elementary and Mission Hill church," she says. "We are very fortunate to be working in collaboration with such a generous, kind, and loving organization!”

In this time of Covid-19, many families are in need of food and are trying their best to avoid becoming food insecure.  Food insecurity – the experience of not knowing where your next meal is coming from – is inherently stressful. The chronic level of stress associated with being food insecure changes the way we think about food and acquire food, changes how we eat and metabolize food, and leads to worse physical and mental health outcomes over time.

Many researchers have found that food insecurity is not just stressful, but is associated with other elements of psychological distress. It includes feeling isolated from one’s community, embarrassed or ashamed of being food insecure or using federal food programs, feeling sad or depressed about not having enough resources for food, and angry and frustrated about their situation.