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Image for The Mobile Dairy Classroom visits HCPS students
K-3 students at Oak Grove elementary are one of many schools who welcomed a 2,000-pound visitor at their school—a brown cow by the name of Jersey Joe.

The Mobile Dairy Classroom visits HCPS students

March 07, 2016 - Partners in Education

Many excited K-3 students throughout the district welcomed a 2,000-pound visitor at their school— a brown cow by the name of Jersey Joe. He has already visited more than 6,600 HCPS students in 23 school sites through the Mobile Dairy Classroom. The program provides students with the opportunity to experience the world of agriculture up close and personal

The Mobile Dairy Classroom provided an engaging assembly where students were introduced to Jersey Joe and led into discussions about life on the farm, the anatomy of a cow, and the technology used in milk production.   The presentation helped students learn new vocabulary words, life cycle, and anatomy concepts. They also learned what it takes to get the milk from the cow, to the store, to the container at your house or school.  Many kid-friendly and fun questions were encouraged like, “How Many Kinds of Cows Do You Think There Are?”

As part of the agricultural and nutrition education program, teachers were provided with instructional materials that could be used in their classrooms throughout the course of the year.  With the program being FREE, school administrators and teachers alike were excited and welcomed the Mobile Dairy Classroom visit with open arms and expressed interest for the upcoming school year.

When asked if the students were excited to see a real cow, Annette Rawls-Gibson, Academic Intervention Specialist from Robles Elementary responded, “my students were thrilled to see Jersey Joe"!  She continued by saying that it was an awesome learning experience and that students and teachers in grades K-3 had a dynamic experience.

Yolanda Fiedler, ESOL Resource Teacher from Oak Grove Elementary, agreed that, “The dairy program was wonderful and the students loved having the opportunity to participate.  I‘ve had parents remark how excited they [their kids], especially the younger students, were about the presentation and all the tidbits [of information] the children heard and remembered.


Each Mobile Dairy Classroom includes:

  • A 30- to 45-minute oral presentation (Depending on the age of audience) by a trained Instructor
  • Printed educational material for teachers and students
  • A milking demonstration
  • A traveling 32 foot classroom featuring a fully operational milking parlor along with a live milk cow

Instructors teach the audience:

  • Characteristics and anatomy of dairy cows
  • The importance of dairy foods for good health
  • The modern milking process
  • Modern environmental and food safety practices

To learn more about the Mobile Dairy Classroom program call the Office of Volunteer Services at 813.872-5254 or visit




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