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Image for A partnership that creates new career pathways for students
Cornerstone Solutions and Hillsborough Technical Colleges join forces for student success.

A partnership that creates new career pathways for students

May 23, 2016 - Points of Pride

Hillsborough Technical Colleges (HTC) and Cornerstone Solutions, Inc. (CSI) have formed a partnership that creates a new career pathway option for students exiting the Job Corps program.  According to the recently approved Memorandum of Understanding between the partners, the district will provide awareness sessions, transition services and the opportunity to enroll in the full complement of HTC course offerings and Adult Education/GED preparation programs.  In turn, CSI will promote HTC’s educational programs by conducting presentations, workshops regarding HTC to CSI students prior to their separation from their Job Corps Center.  CSI will host HTC personnel and presentations on site at the Tampa CSI office, and there will be a designated CSI Liaison at the Job CorpsCenter to work hand-In-hand with the HTC campuses, each of whom will have their own advisors/liaisons on staff to serve CSI students.

According to Michael Ramsey, Director of Hillsborough Technical Colleges, “This partnership will benefit students who are exiting the career pathway option at the Job Corps Center, and will provide an additional choice to the existing programs offered by other educational institutions that are more costly and often leave their students burdened with a high level of financial debt.”  Mr. Ramsey stresses that HTC does not loan money – their financial aid offices work directly with students to obtain the highest dollar amount of low or no-cost financial assistance available.  

Dr. James Goode, Principal of Learey Technical College says, “Our partnership with Cornerstone is mutually beneficial as both the school district and Cornerstone are working with populations that are looking for training and employment.”  

HCPS operates four technical colleges that offer 37 postsecondary certificate programs.  These programs prepare students for employment in health careers, business marketing, early childhood education, industrial and manufacturing education, information technology, and public service. 

For more information about HTC, visit or call the Adult and Career Services Center at (813) 231-1907. To find out more about Cornerstone Solutions, Inc., go to

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