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Image for The memory of a local author lives on through act of kindness
TV Production students are recipients of an “act of kindness”

The memory of a local author lives on through act of kindness

July 20, 2016 - Partners in Education

Tom Schroeppel, a local author who wrote one of the most well-respected text books on video production, recently donated more than 40 cases of the text book to Hillsborough County Public Schools.

Schroeppel’s self-published book, Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video, is used in Intro to Film classes in several colleges throughout the United States. More than 175,000 copies of the book have been sold.

Jeffrey Spencer, Schroeppel’s nephew, said his uncle’s health was failing and while he still had the chance, he wanted copies of the latest edition put to good use.

Spencer, who is also a teacher at Maniscalco Elementary School, said although his illness required his uncle to sell the book’s publishing rights, he still had hundreds of copies on hand. He said the family wanted to honor Schroeppel’s wishes and make sure the books ended up in the right place.

Lauren Walden, Supervisor for Industrial Technology Education for HCPS, said the district was honored that the family chose the school district. “We are truly grateful for Mr. Schroeppel and his generous donation,” Walden said. “Getting this industry recognized text into the hands of our TV and film students will be an asset in preparing our students for the workforce for many years to come.”

Soon after the donation, Schroeppel passed away from pulmonary fibrosis. Spencer said that the use of the books means his uncle’s memory will live on. “Tom was a natural teacher and he would appreciate that other teachers are using his work.”

To learn more about Schroeppel, visit his website: at


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