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Image for Celebrating new leaders in the district
Join us in celebrating new leaders in the district. Here's a recap of the latest administrative appointments.

Celebrating new leaders in the district

August 23, 2016 - Points of Pride

Meet Darrell R. Faber

Currently Principal at Eisenhower Middle School, Mr. Faber has been appointed as the Director of Workforce and Continuing Education. He looks forward to continuing to serve and guide students in becoming productive citizens of our communities. During his leisure time he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two sons. Congratulations Mr. Faber! 


Meet Tina Herbst

Currently ESE DRT Instructional Support and Assessment, Ms. Herbst has been appointed as Supervisor, Exceptional Student Education, Elementary Curriculum and Instruction.  She will prepare students for life by working with teachers to support students with disabilties in order to help close the achievement gap. When she's not working she loves to travel and read. Playing with her three cats - Gandalf, Peanut, and Ruffles is pretty fun too! Congratulations Ms. Herbst.


Meet Emily Plasencia

Currently Assistant Department Manager of Title I Program Evaluation, Ms. Plasencia has been appointed as Supervisor of Federal Program Evaluation. She will prepare students for life by providing timely, decision-driving information and evaluations to our schools, teachers, students, families, and community partners . When she's not working she enjoys being outdoors running or playing sports, or indoors baking cookies, pies, and other treats! Sounds yummy, congratulations Ms. Plasencia!

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