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Omega-Man challenges Deer Park students to be Dream-Makers

August 26, 2016 - Points of Pride

Marc Wilkes, also known as Omega-Man, delivered a powerful message about Anti-Bullying and Character Development to the students and faculty of Deer Park Elementary School through an energetic Superhero-themed presentation.  He challenged students to live life as Dream-Makers (making good choices) and not as Dream-Breakers (making bad choices).  He performed feats of strength such as snapping a baseball bat in two, bending a steel rod with his teeth, and ripping a phone book labeled as the “Book of Bad Choices” in half as a tool to capture and maintain the attention of his audience.  

Principal Shirley Porebski and Assistant Principal Eric Findley continue to deliver the message that anyone can be a H.E.R.O (Helping Everyone Respect Others) at Deer Park, and that the school does not tolerate bullying of any kind at any time.  As part of the effort to show the school’s dedication to that message, every student, faculty, and staff member was urged to wear their favorite Superhero attire the day of Omega-Man’s visit. Deer Park Rangers are definitely HERO’s!  

Visit to learn more about Omega-Man’s H.E.R.O program.  For more information about Deer Park Elementary, visit their website.



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