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Image for Holiday Heros: Student jumps into action to save a classmate
Janae Huff was honored for saving the life of her classmate. Her mother and principal were proudly by her side at the recent Board Recognition meeting.

Holiday Heros: Student jumps into action to save a classmate

December 15, 2016 - Student Success

Original story by Fallon Silcox, Reporter - Bay News 9

A sixth-grader at a Thonotosassa middle school is being called a hero after she saved a classmate from choking. 

Janae Huff, 11, recently jumped into action at school one day when a classmate began choking on a lollipop that had broken off the stick. 

Huff, who attends Jennings Middle School, performed the Heimlich maneuver on the boy until he coughed it up. 

"His name is Adam, he was sitting next to me and he was eating a lollipop and when he tapped on my shoulder, I saw his face was red and he was doing this, I knew he was choking," Huff said. "I was scared, I was like, what is going on, everybody was up and running, we called the classroom next door, everybody was yelling, it was so loud, my heart was beating really fast."

Huff didn't hesitate though, and immediately jumped behind Adam and performed the life-saving maneuver. 

"I got up from behind and did my fingers like this and put my thumb in his belly button," she said. "And I pushed and pushed and pushed until he started coughing it up."

Huff said she was surprised herself how she responded. 

She said she remembered reading posters in the nurses office at school when she was an elementary student. She said that's how she knew exactly what to do. 

Huff, who said her family is very proud of her, will be honored at Tuesday night's school board meeting to receive an award for her heroic actions along with her family. 

"I feel awesome," she said. 

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Huff was recognized and honored at the recent School Board Recognition meeting on December 13. Her mother and Mr. Scionti, her principal were proudly by her side.