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Image for Holiday Heroes: Willis Peters' service learning project leads to smiles at Dover
GMAC students bring holiday cheer to Dover Elementary students one shoe box at a time.

Holiday Heroes: Willis Peters' service learning project leads to smiles at Dover

December 22, 2016 - Partners in Education

Students from the Willis Peters Exceptional Student Center inspired local community partner PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to help bring joy to students at Dover Elementary with a donation of more than 200 pair of shoes. As part of a service learning project, students from Willis Peters' Graduates Moving About in the Community (GMAC) program chose a project close to the heart that directly benefited their friends and neighbors at Dover Elementary.

Willis Peters ESC recently expanded their GMAC program to include a service learning element, providing students an opportunity to give back to the community.  GMAC students in the class chose Dover Elementary since the school had opened job training opportunities for them in the past.

Through their diligent research, GMAC students discovered that Dover students were in great need of shoes. They didn't waste any time executing a plan to provide brand new shoes to more than 200 Dover students.

GMAC students reached out to different local organizations by mailing over 50 handwritten letters to explain their project and the goal of spreading holiday joy to Dover students in need.

PwC employees jumped into action to provide new shoes and Costco donated a $25 holiday gift card.

“Through personal donations and shoe purchases, we facilitated the GMAC students​'​ goal to place a smile on students​'​ faces this holiday," shared Controller Operations - Quality & Compliance Manager Maureen West.

"I am so proud of our (PwC) team and the goal we accomplished in making the GMAC student learning project a reality. The smiles on the boys’ and girls’ faces made the effort especially gratifying,” added fellow PwC employee Troy Ippolito.

Willis Peters ESC teacher, Maria Liparulo proudly shared, “This has been a fantastic experience for both my students and the students at Dover elementary. They are learning many skills which will enhance their post-school, adult life and I just love being an integral part of it. It warms my heart.”

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