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Image for School District Celebrates Increasing Graduation Rates
Principals and district leaders celebrated rising graduation rates with Superintendent Eakins.

School District Celebrates Increasing Graduation Rates

January 17, 2017 - Points of Pride

Positive news about the increase in the District’s graduation rate to 79.1%, which is up 3 percentage points from last year, prompted a celebration of district leaders during last week's Joint Principals and Supervisors meeting recently. Robinson High School’s auditorium echoed with positive messages, cheers and confetti poppers, while music and student-led dancing punctuated Superintendent Jeff Eakins’ message of “Changing Lives.” 

Throughout the afternoon, he congratulated, applauded, and showcased a succession of principals, counselors, school and district leaders, current and former students, union officials, and community partners who have all contributed to the rising rates. 

In addition, he reminded the crowd that the work has just begun, and that the goal of a 90% graduation rate by the year 2020 is where the District remains focused.  To help the District get there, he urged everyone to use their communication tools, including social media, to share, retweet, and reinforce the message both internally and externally. 

The District is proud of the gains that have been made, and with continued hard work and tenacity, the graduation rate will rise steadily in years to come as we prepare students for life!

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