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Image for National Mentoring Month: Spotlight on Gentleman’s Quest
Chamberlain’s Gentleman’s Quest transform the lives of young men.

National Mentoring Month: Spotlight on Gentleman’s Quest

January 20, 2017 - Points of Pride

This January marks the 15th anniversary of National Mentoring Month.  Gentleman’s Quest (GQ) is one of the successful mentoring program at Chamberlain High School that focuses on the lives of minority males. 

GQ sponsor and Assistant Principal Tavis Myrick shared, “GQ is committed to helping minority males at Chamberlain High School to realize their full potential as students, make positive choices regarding their academics and behavior, and equip them with the skills necessary to become productive citizens after they graduate.”

During the Winter break students from the GQ program had the opportunity to tour the Hillsborough County Courthouse, meet several judges, and observe several civil and criminal court trials. They’re visit culminated by the students participating in a mock trial.

Judge Barbara Twine said, "It is important for the young to meet as many successful people as possible to know that just as they did it, you can do it to."

According to national statistics, mentoring makes a crucial impact on the lives of young people everywhere:

– 52 percent of at-risk youth with a mentor are less likely than their peers to skip school

– 55 percent are more likely to enroll in college

– 78 percent are more likely to volunteer regularly in their communities

– 90 percent are more likely to later become a mentor themselves

Fellow Judge Daryl Manning said, “Anything I can do to help, please reach out.  I’m interested in seeing them and their success."

To accomplish this mission, GQ regularly host workshops and activities that will provide students with strategies to be successful in difficult situations. GQ students learn to become an example for their community, their school, and their homes by regular exposure to opportunities they may rarely get to experience.

GQ members attend bi-weekly meetings that are structured and targeted; academic and behavioral progress are monitored regularly, and the students are required to dress professionally for all functions. 

Currently as a result of the GQ program there is a reduction of disciplinary referrals, increase in attendance at school and higher achievement in all subject areas.  Myrick goal, “is to expose our young men to as much as possible so that they can be productive members of society.”  

Get involved or become a mentor contact the School’s Serve Coordinator. To learn more about SERVE click here.


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