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Image for Setting Students Up for Success with Turnaround Leadership Pathways
More than 300 experienced teachers have committed to serving at a high-need school for the 2017-18 school year.

Setting Students Up for Success with Turnaround Leadership Pathways

June 15, 2017 - Points of Pride

The Turnaround Leadership Pathways (TLP) is a district strategic staffing initiative focused on improving the learning conditions for all students, in all schools, by intentionally focusing on the highest-need schools. TLP is centered on the core belief that leadership is the key lever for change in schools because great leaders build strong school culture, attract and retain talented teachers, who in turn, significantly improve student achievement. In fact, years of research has not produced a single case of a school improving its student achievement record in the absence of a great leader.

Hillsborough County Public Schools continues to be committed to recruiting, developing and investing in teachers, assistant principals and principals with proven records of success who are interested in serving in high-need schools.  As the district pursues a greater level of Equity and Excellence in the 2017-2018 school year, the district’s TLP initiative strives to elevate high-need schools, create a pool of leaders with diverse experiences and reverse the trends where experienced district employees seek to serve in high-need schools rather than depart from them. When these goals are met, all students will benefit from having the most talented and diverse educators in classrooms, thereby, increasing the district’s graduation rate to at least 90% by 2020 and sustaining it thereafter.

This spring, approximately 109 experienced teachers with proven records of success transferred to a high-need school during the 2-week transfer period. They joined 210 other experienced teachers currently working in one of the 50 high-need schools in Hillsborough County who committed to remaining at their TLP site for the 2017-18 school year; together, these 319 teachers make-up the Turnaround Leadership Pathways program.

The stage is being set during the months of June and July where educators will participate in intense TLP Summer Orientation sessions. A joint venture between multiple district divisions, the focus of these sessions is to strengthen these teacher-leaders’ capacity working with students from low socio-economic backgrounds while deepening their breadth of knowledge and engagement as equity leaders in schools. Building on these opportunities, our district’s most vulnerable children will realize their hopes and dreams of being Prepared for Life.

As part of the TLP development plan, about 12 administrators will begin researching strategies for improving high-need schools at the University of South Florida this summer, culminating in an Ed.S. degree while 16 teachers will begin their journey towards educational leadership, with a focus on high-need schools, earning a Master’s Degree at the University of Tampa this fall.

On-going support will continue for all members of TLP throughout the school year as administrators and teachers at TLP sites come together and participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) focused on improving high-need schools.

There are many opportunities to serve in HCPS high-need schools. For more information regarding vacancies, please visit our schools vacancy list on the district’s Human Resources website or contact the Leadership Development office at 813-272-4884.